Yuzhou Hu

Yuzhou Hu is an Associate in Matrix Partners China, and she is covering investments in Deep Tech, e.g. the combination of AI and automobiles / transportation / robotics / advanced manufacturing / semiconductors, etc., and other scalable technologies empowering people and society.

Prior to joining Matrix Partners China, Yuzhou had 3 years’ working experience in Baidu, and participated in the development of dozens of features or products in Baidu Search and DuerOS; she was also the earliest member of Baidu Knowledge Graph team. Yuzhou is passionate about innovation and challenges. She won the top prize, The Dark Horse Award, in Baidu’s 9th Hackathon in 2014.

Arts, sports and adventures are Yuzhou’s personal favorites. She finds training herself and mastering various skills as intriguing as appreciation and creation of wonders. She got the Grade 10 Certificate in Piano Performance from Chinese Musicians Association at the age of 11, picked up Portuguese in addition to Mandarin and English, and founded Baidu Kendo Club.

  • Introduction

    Beijing Office
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  • Areas of Interest

    Deep tech

  • Education

    Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Beijing Language and Culture University

    Bachelor’s Degree in Information Management and Information System, Beijing Language and Culture University